THE HEALING EDGE SERIES is the WINNER of the 2017 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award for Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Angels & Ghosts/Psychics Series!

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ALL THE BROKEN PLACES (The Healing Edge, Book 1)

Winner, 2016 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance/Suspense Series
Finalist, 2017 American Book Fest Best Book Awards (Fiction: New Age)
Finalist, 2017 International Book Awards (Fiction: Chick Lit/Women’s Lit)

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All of Cate’s problems are in her head. That may be her greatest strength.

Cate Duncan is a promising young therapist, dedicated to her work. But after her mother’s suicide, she is seized by a paralyzing depression. To save her job, Cate agrees to enter a program with Dr. Angeline MacGregor, run by her stern son, Ben, and housed in a repurposed church. Cate doesn’t quite understand what the program entails, but she soon learns that the skills she will develop there may not only help her learn how to cope with her own problems, but will also lead her to a much greater purpose.

The MacGregor Group is a collection of alternative healers whose unconventional approaches include crystals, aura reading and psychics. They know that their life’s work invites skepticism, and welcome the chance to prove naysayers wrong. But they need the unique abilities that Cate can bring, and as she slides ever closer to her own abyss, they will do everything in their power to protect Cate from those who wish her harm―including herself.

A powerful novel of suspense and a wildly inventive start to this paranormal romance series, ALL THE BROKEN PLACES engages readers with its striking blend of the supernatural and the psychological.


“With the introduction of a charismatic group of alternative healers, Eden creates a unique world that readers will find fascinating.”
-RT Book Reviews

“Those with an interest in parapsychology will be fascinated by this artfully written series starter.”
– Publishers Weekly

ALL THE BROKEN PLACES is not simply an engaging paranormal romance. Peopled with broken characters the reader wants to see mended, it tackles the subjects of mental health and suicide with empathy and grace. I enjoyed heroine Cate’s journey to self-discovery and her path to healing, and can’t wait to see her battle new demons with her friends. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Eden.”
– Rosanna Leo, Author of Vice


AllTheWoundsInShadow_coverSMALLALL THE WOUNDS IN SHADOW (The Healing Edge, Book 2) 

Finalist, 2017 IAN Book of the Year Awards, Paranormal / Supernatural Fiction

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For fans of Karen Robards and Shiloh Walker, Anise Eden brings us the mesmerizing sequel to her paranormal romantic suspense novel All the Broken Places.

Cate’s enemies aren’t just surrounding her―they’re inside her head.

Therapist Cate Duncan has just accepted a job with the MacGregor Group, a unique collective of alternative healers. She’s excited by the prospect of honing her empathic healing techniques among others like herself―aura readers, telepaths, crystal healers, and more. The fact that Cate just started dating Ben, her magnetic new boss, is an added bonus.

Before Cate can settle into her new routine, the poisoning of a prominent neuroscientist draws the entire MacGregor Group into both a federal investigation and an even more insidious threat. Protected by Ben’s former Marine Corps unit, Cate and her colleagues must use their alternative healing methods to solve the crime as their patient clings to life.

The responsibility of discovering crucial information falls to Cate and her parapsychological powers. But for Cate, unraveling the mystery means reopening wounds that had just begun to heal―and in the environment of the Marine Corps unit, differences between Cate and Ben become clearer, straining their budding romance. When a new crisis looms, Cate must trust in her colleagues’ gifts and the strength of Ben’s love, finding the courage to confront her deepest and most terrifying demons―or her own life will be at risk.


“Anise Eden’s ALL THE WOUNDS IN SHADOW is the continuation of a remarkable journey. Peopled with engaging characters and filled with intrigue, this book will delight readers of paranormal romance. This series occupies a special place at the top of my favorites list and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Eden brings us next.”
– Rosanna Leo, Author of Vice and the Gemini Island Shifter Series

“Eden writes a tale about a group of alternative healers…. All in all a good story with great characters.” – RT Book Reviews 


ALL THE LIGHT THERE IS (The Healing Edge, Book 3)

Nominee, 2017 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award for Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Angels & Ghosts/Psychics

Amazon US: Paperback or Ebook (Kindle/Kindle Unlimited)
Amazon UK: Paperback (Ebook available to UK customers)
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The Ripped Bodice: Paperback


The highly anticipated finale to the Healing Edge series that began with All The Broken Places, recipient of the Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2016 Reviewer’s Choice Award

Psychotherapist Cate Duncan is done with danger.

Her training at the MacGregor Group’s parapsychology clinic has brought one crisis after another. So when research colleague Skeet offers Cate and her boss-turned-boyfriend Ben a working vacation at his secluded hunting lodge, they jump at the chance.

But the idyllic Mercier Lodge is teeming with secrets: Skeet’s unorthodox research methods, a tragic death that occurred at the lodge over a year ago, and its connection to Cate’s past.

As they delve into Mercier’s unsavory history, Ben and Cate stick close together, trusting in their love for each other to keep them safe. But when a scheme separates them, Cate must rely on the MacGregor Group’s paranormal abilities, some surprise allies, and her own determination to track Ben down and crack Mercier’s mysteries before the strange place claims any more victims.

“Anise Eden has once again swept her readers into a delightful world of paranormal phenomena and engaging characters. Not only would I happily read anything Anise Eden writes, I would devour her stories. They are that good.” —Rosanna Leo, author of Predator’s Kiss