ALL THE BROKEN PLACES (The Healing Edge, #1)

This five star read will not leave you disappointed. Anise Eden has taken paranormal romance, and kicked things up a notch. This book will touch so many areas from mental health, suicide, supernatural, and caring for those around you that really need you. – Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

Five stars! ALL THE BROKEN PLACES redefines healing as an exciting and innovative bridge between psychological, paranormal, literary, and romantic realms…. A grand series debut which stands independently, yet leaves room for further adventure along ‘the healing edge.’ A writer and series to watch! – Katherine Cottle

Five Stars! Paranormal Romance at its pinnacle!… Unique and one of the best starts to an engaging and thrilling series. Having read a lot of books on this genre I can definitely say that it was a true 5 starer rockstar book for me…. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE. – Archit Ojha, Goodreads Top Reviewer

Five stars! I loved the warmth and the relationships in this book and how so many wanted to help feisty Cate but just couldn’t seem to find the method that would reach her enough to make her want to complete the program. Cate really struggled and I really rooted for her. Great story! – Luv My Books


ALL THE WOUNDS IN SHADOW (The Healing Edge, #2)

A good solid 5 star! Anise Eden mixes psychology, medicine, and paranormal gifts beautifully and seamlessly. I knew I was loving this book when I gave up sleep to read it. I started it thinking “I’ll just get into the first chapter to see what it’s like” and ended up reading another three hours into the wee hours of the morning…. Yes, it’s that good. – Charlayne Elizabeth Denney, Paranormal Romance Guild

The MacGregor group is kicking it up a notch, and Cate is going along for the ride. Hell week has been completed, and it didn’t go smoothly, and her internship with the group won’t be as smooth either. After all, Cate is pure trouble… I have enjoyed both books of Cate Duncan, empath. I was surprised since it wasn’t the typical paranormal/romance I had read up until now and I kinda liked that.  – Once Upon a Twilight

5 Sheep! The protective nature of Ben is so charming and even though Cate has some fragile features her strength comes out in abundance. A really enjoyable look into the different paranormal gifts and healing techniques that may exist. – I Smell Sheep

Along with the thrill of a story that reminds me of the T.V. show Stitchers to some degree, there is a steamy, heady romance that the reader can’t help but enjoy…. Their romance scenes were sweet and satisfying…. The paranormal aspect was both intriguing and fun to read about. – Live to Read


ALL THE LIGHT THERE IS (The Healing Edge, Book 3)

Five Stars! What a great finale to a great series… This book has everything I love: mystery, romance, and paranormal characters. Cate and Ben’s relationship is tested and the reader won’t really know who to trust until the end. The author did a great job with the heroes and the bad guys… I am going to miss these characters. – Mary Kazen, Rabid Readers Book Blog

This was my favorite book in the series. Cate and Ben’s love for each other was not physical, because of rules of celibacy during her training, which really put the focus on their emotions… I have never run across these types of descriptions in a romance novel and really enjoyed how that gave the characters added depth and allowed the reader to share in that connection rather than be a voyeur in the bedroom… I think that even if you’ve never gone to a psychic for a reading, had Raiki, or your aura cleansed, you will enjoy all of these characters for their lively interaction with each other and their diversity. – Deborah Kehoe, The Reading Chick

Beautifully written and intense! I love books where the characters make you truly feel something for them. Especially the kind where you want so badly for a couple to work out and find their way in the face of great adversity. This author is excellent at building characters that fit this kind of description and keep you hoping for the best… The dialogue in this novel is written wonderfully and feels very authentic and I loved the setting… In my opinion, this was a great ending for a wonderful series. I definitely recommend this book and the previous books to anyone looking for characters they can fall in love with and a story full of surprises and unforeseen twists. – Ionia Froment, Amazon Top Reviewer

★★★★★ A lovely mix of Marine/civilian, Parapsychology, skeptics, New Age and Old age lore, science, political subterfuge, and Romance! – Amazon Reviewer