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Two-Week Super Sale on The Healing Edge Series!

NOW is the perfect time to discover The Healing Edge Series! The first two books in this award-winning paranormal romantic suspense series are on sale for less than $3 total! Read all about the books and find purchase links here: AniseEden.com/Books. ALERT: SALE ENDS MAY 15TH!

What readers are saying:

About ALL THE BROKEN PLACES: “This five star read will not leave you disappointed. Anise Eden has taken paranormal romance, and kicked things up a notch. This book will touch so many areas from mental health, suicide, supernatural, and caring for those around you that really need you.” – Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

About ALL THE WOUNDS IN SHADOW: “A good solid 5 star! Anise Eden mixes psychology, medicine, and paranormal gifts beautifully and seamlessly. I knew I was loving this book when I gave up sleep to read it. I hope Anise hurries up with Book 3. I’m looking forward to more Cate and Ben!” – Paranormal Romance Guild

With the third and final book in the series releasing in September, this is the moment to begin reading the series, if you haven’t already! Take advantage of the sale now by visiting AniseEden.com/Books and following the link to your preferred retailer. Enjoy reading!


Announcing… Release date for Book Three in The Healing Edge Series!

I’m so pleased to announce that ALL THE LIGHT THERE IS, the third and final book in The Healing Edge paranormal romantic suspense series, has an official publication date! Look for its release on 9.12.17!

That leaves nine months between now and then to get caught up on Books 1 & 2! 🙂 You can find all buy links here: http://AniseEden.com/Books

Many thanks to my wonderful readers for making The Healing Edge Series such a success! Happy Holidays, best wishes for the New Year!




Just in time for the holidays: E-book price drop on The Healing Edge Series!

These offbeat paranormal romantic suspense novels are the perfect gifts for fans of Karen Robards and Shiloh Walker — and the next book in the series is coming out in Summer 2017! Also available in paperback.

Discover The Healing Edge Series today! http://amazon.com/author/aniseeden


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