Myself on a Shelf at The Ripped Bodice!

So some months ago, I took advantage of the opportunity to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to support the opening of The Ripped Bodice, the first brick-and-mortar bookstore in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to romance. This is the project of sisters Bea and Leah Koch, and if you’re wondering what is so cool about it that I was inspired to contribute, just check out their website,

Yesterday, I received the best surprise: an email from The Ripped Bodice with some wonderful pictures! To support their project, I sponsored a shelf, and not only did they send me a picture of the shelf with my name on it:

My Shelf

…but they also had ordered my novel, ALL THE BROKEN PLACES, and took a picture of it sitting on the shelf!

My Book on My Shelf

This was the first time I’ve seen my book on a bookstore shelf, which is a singular moment for any first-time author, but it was especially exciting in context. Thank you to the Koch sisters for the great pictures! It has been an honor to support their bookstore, which, by the way, is opening very soon in the Los Angeles, CA area. Congratulations, The Ripped Bodice, and thank you for including me in your terrific project!