January-april 2019

“If you read, the world is your oyster. It truly is. Reading makes everything possible.”

– Kate DiCamillo, author

Welcome to the home of #ShareLiteracyLove, a hashtag campaign with two goals:

  • Spark conversations about the love of reading
  • Raise awareness about #adultliteracy efforts

#ShareLiteracyLove asks questions designed to get #booklovers talking and to spotlight organizations working to help others enjoy a love of reading.

The #ShareLiteracyLove campaign will appear on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Please enjoy, participate, and share – and many happy “returns!” ⬅️ (#library humor) 😉

~ Anise Eden

Here are a few organizations that are doing amazing work in support of adult literacy:

Literacy Action
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

National Adult Literacy Agency
Dublin, Ireland

Nora Roberts Foundation

Women’s Prison Book Project
Minneapolis, MN, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA


Literacy is a gift I was raised not to take for granted. My grandfather had dyslexia, which made learning to read difficult. Before finishing high school, he joined the U.S. Navy to fight in World War II. Upon his return, he was determined to improve his reading skills. I grew up hearing how my mother, starting at age three, learned to read by sitting on my grandfather’s lap as he worked his way through the newspaper.

My interest in adult literacy has deepened as a result of working in various capacities where I have had the opportunity to help adults of all ages who struggle with reading. I have seen how painful literacy problems can be, and how they can impact so many aspects of people’s lives. In addition, my parents now teach college, and have shared with me the struggles of students who enter their classes without adequate reading skills. These bright, curious, and ambitious students often have difficulty succeeding and need the support of extra help and special programs achieve their educational goals.

Books are such a big part of my life, and bring with them rich experience, entertainment, and education. Books have brought me so much joy — a joy I’d love to help share with others.  ~ Anise Eden (edited from my January 2019 Newsletter)

#ShareLiteracyLove Posts: