"This atypical paranormal romance is rich in the details of parapsychology.... Artfully written series starter." —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“This atypical paranormal romance is rich in the details of parapsychology…. Artfully written.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“With the introduction of a charismatic group of alternative healers, Eden creates a unique world that readers will find fascinating.”— RT BOOK REVIEWS

Not simply an engaging paranormal romance…. Peopled with broken characters the reader wants to see mended, it tackles the subjects of mental health and suicide with empathy and grace.” — ROSANNA LEO, author of the VEGAS SINS Series


To be accepted and loved for who we truly are is to be given the freedom to contribute from our innermost core, from our hearts. It gives us the courage to do the same in return, to love and accept others, to make a positive difference in their lives and in this world of suffering and isolation. The Healing Edge Trilogy sends this point home in a most unexpected way. 

This was truly a gem, and a series that needs to be read. Take my high recommendation that you will get trapped in this mind twisting world.

It is a sweet romance with just the right amount of suspense to keep you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen.

I like this book series because it makes you challenge what has been traditionally accepted in the fields of medicine, and of parapsychology.

A lovely mix of Marine/civilian, Parapsychology, skeptics, New Age and Old age lore, science, political subterfuge, and Romance!

WOW! I have never read a book this well written about the paranormal. I love how she integrates the mind, body and spirit to weave a believable story focusing on Parapsychology.

The characters are truly unique, credible and entirely convincing. The situations they find themselves in are mind-boggling, but the author makes them seem entirely plausible.

I love books where the characters make you truly feel something for them. Especially the kind where you want so badly for a couple to work out and find their way in the face of great adversity.

The characters are developed, the world building is spot on, and the love interest is delicious.

The Healing Edge series takes place where parapsychology meets psychotherapy. Fabulous suspense and remarkably vivid characters will pull you in at page one and keep you enthralled to the very end.

This book has a way of making you think outside the “normal” box in my opinion, helping you see that the world isn’t just black and white.

Incredible witty dialogue, sympathetic characters, action, paranormal phenomena, romance, all artfully crafted, beautifully written, designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and to take your breath away.

An energetic and highly dramatic saga full of mystery, intensity and action. Anise Eden is a powerful and crafty author…. Sizzling and addictive.

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